Pumpkin Pie Slices for Dogs - Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies topped with Pumpkin Flavored Yogurt Icing - 3 pie slices - Gourmet Dog Treats

  • $4.68

**Frosted treats may arrive slightly melted in the summer due to the high heat. Treats are still 100% safe to consume. Simply pop the pack of treats into the fridge for 15-30 minutes to firm the icing back up, and then give to your pet. Ice packs are available for larger orders, per request, with an additional shipping charge. Crunchy peanut butter pumpkin & ginger cookies, topped with our limited edition pumpkin pie flavored yogurt icing! Order includes 3 mini pie slices. Pie slices are approximately 2" (use 2nd photo for size reference). Each treat is cut by hand and may vary slightly. Stop trusting store bought treats that are made in China. We don't allow our pets to have them, & neither should you! Our treats are 100% All Natural & Locally made in our kitchen in the Beautiful state of New Hampshire! Try them, today!