Hazelnut Stick SCRAPS 2 Lbs Variable Thickness & Length Filbert Corylus americana Bunny Rabbit Treat Chew Crafts Pet Furniture Fairy House

  • $14.95

This listing is for 2 pounds of variable thickness ( 1/4 to 3/4 inch ) and lengths ( 1/2 inch to 7 inches ) of Hazelnut Wood ( Corylus americana ) SCRAPS. Great for rabbits and chinchillas to chew on. Fresh cut 2017. Photo 2 shows me holding a few to give an idea of size variability. I trim some of my hazelnut hot spots ( photo's 4 and 5 ). I pick hazelnuts from these copse's each August. I have several 'stashes' of hazelnut copse's in the forest that few others know about. I protect their location like I do my morel hot spots. And from January to March each year, depending on the weather, I trim these so they do not get out of hand. Hazelnut does very well if coppiced. With periodic coppicing the copse gets stimulated to better growth and the actual nut - the filbert - grows to a better size. I like my nuts to be bigger than the average guy's nuts. Anyway, these are some of the trimmings. In processing the hazelnut lengths into STICKS ( which are listed separately ) I snip them to a length of 8 1/4 inch. So, I start with a piece of branch, limb or twig and begin snipping. Eventually, as I snip, I get to the end of the branch, limb or twig and there is a piece left over that won't make another 8 1/4 inches. It could be a 1 inch piece, a 5 inch piece, a piece with a part of another cutoff branch, etc., etc. It could be a thin piece or a thicker piece. Usually no thicker than 3/4 inch though. In any case, you get the idea - many pieces of various sizes and shapes. Those extra pieces though are still great for bunnies and / or chinchillas to munch on but they just would not look good packaged along with 8 1/4 inch lengths. Also, these are good for craft sticks involving varying projects such as fairy houses or gardens, miniature buildings, furniture, etc. So you get a bargain - hazelnut wood for your pet at 30% less per pound than what uniformly cut lengths sell for. Plus you are getting 2 pounds mailed at the same shipping cost that 1 pound mails at - saving shipping costs. Photo 3 shows a plastic shopping bag that has slightly more than 3 pounds so that should give an idea of the amount of scraps in a 2 pound package. Custom orders are always welcome.