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Pet Emporiums is committed to bringing you unique pet products that you cannot find in your local store. We search all suppliers foreign and abroad which can sometimes lead to longer shipping time on our orders but it is necessary. 

We like to be a bit Sassy and Fun so we are looking for items that fit the bill. If you have a product that you feel could fit what we are looking for, you may contact us to see if we can work together to promote on our website.Our goal is to get to a under 7 day turn around for our products and are looking for suppliers that can fill this criteria for us. 

Our treats are mostly all sellers who can fulfill quickly and our T-shirts, totes and Mugs. We are shifting our clothing inventory of products over the next few months to more timely drop shippers. Two weeks to a month is unacceptable, which we have with a few of our current suppliers. 

What is a drop shipper? We would feature your product on our website for what we feel we can price and sell it for. You would determine what you feel is fair for the product you have. You the supplier holds the inventory until an order comes in.Once the order comes in, we would purchase the product from you and you would ship directly to the customer. So contact us if you want to work with us. 


  • Good quality product that is Pet orientated
  • Pet Health and Safety
  • Toys for all pets
  • Treats
  • Items for Pet Owners who love their pet
  • Guarantee shipping within 48 hours of getting the order
  • Supplier willing to send a sample product 
  • Suppliers that are willing to work with us to create a win, win for us and our customer. 

Pet Emporiums wants to be your online source for you and your pets needs! To get our latest blog posts

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